WhatsApp Will Force Users To Delete Their Accounts If They Don’t Accept Terms & Conditions!

WhatsApp Will Force Users To Delete Their Accounts If They Don’t Accept Terms & Conditions!
  • Updates in the T&C of Whatsapp
  • Failure to accept the updated T&C might lead to deletion of account

Whatsapp, the most essential messaging app that all of us use, is going under some changes. In a recent tweet about changes in the features of whatsapp, WABetaInfo,

the app is going to make new terms and conditions for its users.

Is your Whatsapp going to stop working?

No! There are just a few updates in the terms and conditions of the app.

Whatsapp is going to announce these updates inside the application itself on 1 February 2021. According to WABetaInfo, It is going to be Whatsapp’s first everin-app announcements.

The sources have confirmed that the users will be able to continue using whatsapp only if they agree with the changed terms and conditions. If any user fails to do so he/she might have to delete their account.

What are the updates in Whatsapp’s T&C?

The terms and conditions of the app revolve around its usage of data and information of its user. 

Hence the updates are also directed towards the how Whatsapp process data and how the business accounts can store and manage their whatsapp chants using services hosted by Facebook. 

WhatsApp had hinted these changes in a blog post published in October. It says “We believe these additional experiences on WhatsApp meet a real need for many people and businesses whether they are around the corner or across the world. We’re excited about what lies ahead and we’ll gradually roll out these services in the months to come,” 

What other changes is Whatsapp going to make in itself?

Whatsapp is all set to make some other improvements to its user experience. It is going to add a search option for the stickers and animated stickers which are trending a lot these days. It is going to enhance its wallpapers by adding custom chat wallpapers, doodle wallpapers, an updated stock wallpaper gallery, and separate wallpapers setting for light and dark mode.

The changes in the terms and conditions seems to be major otherwise whatsapp would not have made it compulsory for its users to agree with them.

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