WhatsApp Update: Custom wallpapers, search for stickers and more

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has come out with some new updates for the platform, ranging from improved wallpapers to a search option for stickers and new animated stickers. These new updates would provide a multitude of choices for the users.

As for the wallpapers, they are getting four major updates on WhatsApp according to an official press release. These updates include options for additional doodle wallpapers and custom chat wallpapers along with an updated gallery of stock wallpapers. The updates would also allow the users to set separate wallpapers for light and dark modes.

Custom chat wallpapers would help the users make their chats personal and allow them to distinguish their chats by putting custom wallpapers for important chats. These wallpapers can also enable the users to prioritise chats with their favourite people like family members and friends, says WhatsApp about the feature.

The new doodle wallpapers will be available in different colour options for the users. According to WhatsApp, they have picked a diverse set of new and iconic images from attractions in architecture and nature from across the world. There are a diverse range of designs to choose from, which are going to be available in ‘Bright’ and ‘Dark’ albums.

Apart from these new options, WhatsApp is also going to provide separate wallpapers for light and dark modes. The app wallpaper would change automatically when the phone setting switches to the dark mode.

WhatsApp is providing more options when it comes to stickers too. In an improvement, users can now type or use emojis to look for stickers and also browse through sticker categories. This search option would make them more accessible.

In addition, WhatsApp is adding a new animated version of the popular WHO Sticker pack with ‘together at home’ theme. It will have text in nine languages — French, German, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

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