Watching Kratos Dance & Emote In Fortnite Takes Some Getting Used To

Fans look on in shock and wonder as God Of War’s grim antihero Kratos performs dance emotes following his arrival in Fortnite earlier this week.

Although it can be argued Kratos’s epic story is more hopeful than initial appearances would suggest, it remains a dark one filled with murder, revenge, and large amounts of blood as the Ghost Of Sparta cuts a violent path of destruction through any mythical pantheon that dares stand in his way. Even when he mellowed out (kinda) in 2018’s God Of War reboot, he still has to deal with overwhelming grief and remorse as he tries to be a better role model for his son Atreus, on top of the large amount of fighting and bloodshed his travels bring. In general, he isn’t exactly the kind of character one expects to be hanging around in Fortnite’s colorful world of cowboys with heads made out of pancakes – much less flossing after a successful round of combat.

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Yet that’s what fans have been witnessing and doing since Kratos arrived in Fortnite a few short days ago, as reported by Polygon. On Twitter and elsewhere, players have been posting clips of God Of War‘s grim antihero performing all manner of emotes, some set to uncharacteristically popular songs. Whether seeing Kratos pretending to be a kitty or a trio of identical duplicates raising the roof in perfect sync, viewers can’t get enough of the typically dour Spartan getting down in Epic’s hit battle royale shooter.

Some are even being reminded of the time he went golfing as a playable character in 2008’s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds or featured as an alternate costume for Sackboy in Little Big Planet, often being PlayStation’s go-to posterchild for brand awareness promotion. Kratos is only the most recent guest character to grace Fortnite this year, as the last couple of DLC seasons have featured special appearances from DC Comics’ Joker, The Mandalorian‘s Din Djarin and Grogu, and even a cataclysmic showing by the world-devouring Galactus following a multitude of Marvel player skins. The fun isn’t stopping anytime soon either, as rumors suggest that legendary Metroid heroine and Super Smash Bros. alumni Samus Aran and iconic Halo supersoldier Master Chief could also be coming to Fortnite in the near future.      

Kratos’s most recent stint as a Fortnite guest character could be one of the most humorous and surreal of them all, as the game’s quirky setting and colorful dancing make for a striking contrast with his somber origins. On the other hand, seeing the God Of War show off his surprisingly smooth moves might be just the thing players need after a rough 2020.                                           

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