Unusual Bose ‘Sport Open Earbuds’ with ear-hook design appear in FCC filing

Bose looks very much as if it’s planning to add another set of true wireless earbuds to join its recently released – and really rather good – QuietComfort Earbuds. Filings for “Sport Open Earbuds” have surfaced at the Federal Communications Commission, containing no fewer than ten photos of the unannounced earbuds, as spotted by The Verge.

Bose looks to be aiming squarely for the fitness market here, with an open, plastic design that as though it will simply rest against your ear rather than go into it. There’s an ear hook to keep it held in place, and a physical button at the bottom of each driver housing for on-device playback control. The charger is also seen within the filings, appearing to sport a cradle design.

(Image credit: Bose (via FCC) )

Of course, this isn’t the first time Bose has dipped its feet into the sports market with a true wireless earbud concept. The company’s Sport Earbuds were released in September, while the older Bose SoundSport Free gained a glowing five-star review from this publication in 2019. But both of these designs are in-ears that come with a range of silicone tips and ear-fins. 

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