State targets 6.7 million vaccinations in first year after Covid-19 vaccine roll-out

Over 6.7 million are to be vaccinated for Covid-19 in the first year once the vaccine is rolled out, according to the state health department data. This includes more than 200,000 health care workers and the process for the same has started across the state. In Gurugram, more than 23,000 private health care workers and 4, 575 government workers have submitted their details for the same.

On December 2, a meeting was held at the state level on Covid-19 vaccine roll out and implementation. As per the official data, the 6.7 million targets includes almost 250,000 health care workers, 450,000 frontline workers and 5.8 million people above the age of 50 years and 220,000 people with comorbidities, aged below 50.

Although the registration process has been ongoing for more than a month, it is in the last week that the process gained momentum. To speed up the process, the Gurugram health department has set a 24-hour deadline for over 176 private health care facilities that have failed to share the data.

Of 728 private hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and diagnostic labs, at least 230 had submitted details till December 1. This mostly included big hospitals and labs. In the last three days, the number has increased to almost 550.

The issue of delay in vaccine beneficiaries’ data was raised at a district level task force meeting under the Covid-19 vaccine programme on December 1. Private health care units were given till December 4 to furnish details of health care workers.

“Almost 75% of the data has been fed in the government portal. For the remaining, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has been asked to ramp up the process of collecting details,” said Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer, who held a meeting with IMA representatives on Friday.

Dr MP Singh, who was recently appointed as the district nodal immunisation officer, said, “A day has been given to private facilities and IMA to share details. More than 23,000 private health care workers are now registered. The data collection work has to be finished before the second task force meeting next week.”

In October, the Union ministry of health and family welfare clarified that frontline health workers — doctors, nurses, paramedics, sanitary staff, ASHA workers and surveillance officers — will be considered as the priority group to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an all-party meet on Friday, to discuss the vaccination strategy, said that eight potential vaccines, including three indigenous ones, are in different stages of trials. According to a statement issued by the central government, the Centre is working with states to identify the priority groups for vaccination that will include health workers, frontline workers and high-risk individuals.

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