Safety First: Tata Motors delivers cars inside bubble wrap

Tata Motors has come up with a unique plan of delivering fully sanitized cars inside bubble wraps to customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tata Motors shared a few examples of its initiative on social media, where cars are seen inside the ‘Safety Bubble’ before they are handed over to the customers.

Tata Motors shared images and videos of the initiative on Twitter, saying it will help the new cars ‘are shielded from germs while they await you at our dealerships’.

The carmaker has taken other initiatives to ensure the safety of its customers.

Tata Motors had, in August, launched a range of health and hygiene accessories. In line with the company’s ongoing endeavour to ensure the safety of its customers at all times, these accessories are designed to provide car owners with an additional level of safety.

The products include, air purifier, air filter and sanitisation kits. The air purifier can be easily fitted in the cup holder slot of all Tata cars. The air filter on the other hand can be installed in the Nexon and the Harrier as of now. Sanitisation kit includes hand sanitiser, N95 masks, hand gloves, safety touch key, tissue box, mist diffuser among others.

In April, too the carmaker had launched its digital, contactless buying program ‘Click to Drive’ during the first phase of the nationwide lockdown. It was aimed to give prospective customers the option of buying cars from the company using digital means. It integrated 750 outlets across the country into one online platform and offered the option to get new cars delivered at home.

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