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CHENNAI: Tamiluravi Manian, who is the overseer of Rajinikanth’s proposed party, on Saturday said the actor would decide on alliance only after launching the party. The clarification comes amidst speculation over the BJP’s relentlessness to continue in the AIADMK-led alliance for the 2021 assembly elections after actor Rajinikanth announced his decision to launch a party.
“Rajinikanth will make announcements regarding the party and its policies on December 31,” said Manian after a two-hour-long discussion with Rajinikanth at the latter’s Poes Garden residence.
Chief coordinator of the proposed party Ra Arun Murthy was also part of the detailed discussion on various aspects. “The discussion focused on all aspects of the party, starting from the party flag to establishing its fundamental infrastructure,” Manian said.
When asked whether Rajinikanth would contest in the Krishnagiri constituency, Manian said that everyone wanted him to contest in all the 234 constituencies. But he would take a decision on whether to contest or not and where to contest. He expressed hope that people would support Rajinikanth like how they supported MGR.
On the actor’s spiritual politics that was unheard in the state, which is entrenched and deep-rooted with social reformer Periyar’s Dravidian ideology, Manian said, “Rajinikanth was not the first person to talk about spiritual politics. It was invented by Mahatma Gandhi. It is not against or for any religion. It will be different from the hate politics that prevails now,” said Manian.
“There is no difference between secular and spiritual politics. They both are the same and fall into one line,” he said while responding to a question on DMK leader A Raja’s statement that Rajinikanth’s spiritual politics was self-contradictory as spiritual and religion were intertwined. He, however, said many were confused over spirituality and religion and it divulged their lack of understanding.
Asked about his old video ridiculing Rajinikanth, Manian said he had known (Rajinikanth) as an actor until recently. Hence, he expressed his views in the past. But he had changed his perspective and opinion about him after meeting him and knowing him better.
Manian said the Gandhiya Makkal Iyakkam would be merged with the Rajinikanth party once it was launched. “It is quite natural for a political party and its leaders to say that there will be no impact,” said Manian in response to a question on the views of the DMK and the AIADMK that Rajinikanth’s political plunge would not have an impact on them.

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