Railofy brings real-time PNR status and train info to WhatsApp, know how it functions

To make rail travel simplier in Covid times, a Mumbai-based startup Railofy on Thursday launched a new feature that shares real-time PNR status and train journey information via WhatsApp to passengers.

The aim of the start-up company is to save time and provide convenience to the travellers, from searching for PNR status, train delays, live station alerts and other train related informations on multiple apps and websites.

The feature introduced by Railofy on Thursday requires the user to share the 10 digit PNR number only once to the WhatsApp number +91 98811 93322.

‘As a train passenger, there are so many details one needs to take care of. Passengers have to log onto multiple apps and websites to complete a single journey, unlike a flight experience. We are streamlining this entire experience on a single platform with this new feature. We hope this will add more predictability and convenience to the overall experience of train passengers across India,’ Rohan Dedhia, Vaibhav Saraf and Hrishabh Sanghvi, Founders, Railofy, said in a joint statement.

How it will function

– Update your WhatsApp by going to Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS device

– Save Railofy train enquiry number +91 98811 93322 on your phone so that the number can appear in your WhatsApp contact list

– Go to WhatsApp and select the Railofy contact and then in the message window type in your 10 digit PNR number

– Railofy will keep the passenger up to date in real time about the status of the train via WhatsApp

With this service, passengers would get regular updates of the PNR status on their WhatsApp number. The feature also provides train delay information before boarding. Train delay is a pertinent problem especially for passengers boarding from intermediate stations. While on the train, passengers would also be informed about the upcoming station.

Around 60 lakh passengers search for this each month on Google as there is no station announcement on IRCTC trains and they don’t know the arrival status of the destination station, according to Railofy.

Launched in September 2020, the startup also provides alternate travel at price points close to the railway ticket price which is affordable for the vast majority of Indians without compromising on convenience or timing.

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