PUBG Mobile India Will Make India The Fifth Asian Country to Have Its Own Version of The Game

PUBG Mobile India will be launched as a specifically tailored version of PUBG Mobile that was banned by the government in September, among a slew of other Chinese apps. A little known fact is that PUBG Mobile India will put India among a list of several other Asian countries that also have their own version of the famous battle royale game from Korean developer PUBG Corp. India joins the likes of Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan as the fifth country to get its own version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG Mobile is more popular in Korea and Japan. In the two Asian regions, PUBG Mobile features a unique currency known as the “Donaktsu Medal” that can be used to buy crates and other goodies from the in-game store. The Taiwan version of PUBG Mobile is known as PUBG Mobile TW (Taiwan) and is published by HotCool games. PUBG Mobile TW is available for people in Taiwan to download from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in the country. In China, on the other hand, PUBG Mobile is known as Game of Peace. This version of PUBG Mobile is published by Tencent Games in the country and was launched in May 2019. In China as well, the game was only allowed to launch after it met all the requirements that country’s government has put in place.

It was recently reported that PUBG Mobile India is still some time away, as the company is still waiting for approval from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Sources had then said that PUBG Mobile India’s promoters are “ready to comply to all norms set by the Indian government”, and it now awaits formal approval from MeitY to operate in India again.

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