New CSGO Update Patch Notes: What’s New Today?

In under a day since Operation Broken Fang was introduced to CSGO, Valve has already shipped out another update that contains some balance changes and tweaks to the Retake mode.

For the unaware, the ‘Retake’ game mode was officially introduced to CSGO through the Operation Broken Fang. This game mode is strictly a 3 vs 4 matchup, where three Ts defend an already planted C4 against 4 CTs. Players are also able to choose a loadout card at the beginning of each round to retake (or defend) the bomb site. The first team to get to 8 round are declared the winners.

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The fixes implemented to this new game mode in the latest CSGO update include disabling the ‘change map’ vote and reducing the round start timer to 5 seconds.

To see the full list of changes in the update, you can visit the official CSGO blog.

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Latest CSGO Update Patch Notes –

Here are the patch notes of the December 4th update as mentioned by Valve:

[ MISC ]

– Fixed names for several Operation Broken Fang patches to appear as different Steam Community Market commodities.

– Fixed Sir Bloody Darryl’s death sound.

– Fixed a regression with soft shadows under agents.

– Fixed demo playback for the compatibility version of Mirage.

– Added “Looking to Play: Guardian” for people looking to play Guardian and Strike missions with a partner.

– Fixed mini-scoreboard alignment when showing player counts.

– Removed vote to change map in Retakes.

– Reduced round restart delay to 5 seconds in Retakes.

– Fixed ping icons to show actual pinged weapon or bomb in all game modes.

– Fixed ping icons to become transparent when player’s crosshair pointing directly at them.

– Localization updates.

– Improved stability

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