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LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said some laws from the past century have become a burden now, while stressing on the need for reforms.
His pitch on the importance of reforms comes ahead of Tuesday’s ‘Bharat Bandh‘ over the three new farm laws enacted at the Centre. Speaking at the launch of the Agra Metro project, the prime minister made no direct reference to the new laws or the farmers’ protests.
Tuesday’s ‘Bharat Bandh’ call has been given by various farmer organisations, and supported by most opposition parties.
“Reforms are needed for development. Reforms are very much needed for a new order and to give new facilities. We cannot build the next century with the laws of the previous century,” he said.
“Some laws that used to be good in the past century have become a burden in the present century. Reforms should be a continuous process,” he said.
Modi said the reforms carried out by his government have been favourably received, and is reflected in recent election results.
He said his government is carrying out “holistic reforms”. “Earlier, reforms used to happen in a piecemeal manner, or keeping in mind some sectors and departments,” the prime minister said.
He said the reforms carried out in recent past have infused self-confidence in the country, adding that people will be satisfied when they go through the “finer details”.
“This confidence has been seen in every election in the recent past. A glimpse of this confidence is seen in the election results in every part of the country, including UP,” he said.
Various farmers’ organisations have hit the streets to protest the new laws. Large number of farmers, mostly from Punjab, have been camping at several entry points to Delhi, demanding that the three new laws be withdrawn.
The government has so far held five rounds of talks to with farmer leaders, but the deadlock is yet to be broken. In the last round of talks, the government has agreed to amend some provisions in the laws. However the details are not yet known. The next round of talks is scheduled for Wednesday.
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