Mutton Paya Recipe | Tasty Healthy Nutritious Paya Soup | Best Non veg Breakfast |

Mutton Paya/ Lamb Trotters soup
A very Heathy, nutritious and super tasty recipe , best for your nonveg breakfast, winters and rainy season. Its for sure one of my personal favorite and suitable for all age groups as well. This has lot health benifits like high in protein, good for immunity, calcium and many more.


How to clean paya:

First clean the paya for 3-4times in cold running water.

Then boil the payas for 2-3 in salt and vineger water.

After that strain the paya and clean it again with cold water.

After the payas cool down add little salt and enough wheat flour to coat the payas.

Let the payas be in that coat for half an hour.

After half an hour wash the payas again properly so that the coating is coating washed out.

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