Motorola to include TV interface, Desktop mode in Android 11 update

Motorola shared a new announcement with some interesting details about implementing Android 11 into the Snapdragon 888-powered Moto G. Matching up to Samsung and Huawei, Motorola is working out a desktop mode for its phones.

Motorola has not clarified yet if older smartphones of Motorola would be able to access these features after the update to Android 11. Besides, Motorola has not divulged which of its current handsets will be getting updated to Android 11.

The desktop mode can be used to juggle between multiple freely-resizeable windows as expected. It requires a USB-C adapter to support DisplayPort Alt Mode to feed out the video signal. The adapter can carry power to and from the phone as well.

For the gamers and entertainment seekers, Motorola is considering new applications as well as a 10-foot user interface mode. It would allow creating a large user interface for a television, which can then be navigated through remote control or a game controller.

This would be ideal for the users as they can launch any streaming service or a game for their enjoyment.

Motorola is reportedly working on another feature to mirror the handset’s screen on the personal computer. This will be accomplished through the remote desktop connection on Windows 10. The connection can be established over wifi or through a USB cable.

Motorola had earlier brought in the desktop mode feature with the Motorola Atrix 4G back in 2011. Since then, smartphones have gained a lot of power, and therefore, it must be a smoother experience than the last time.

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