Jeff Bezos gives a glimpse of rocket engine which will take 1st woman on Moon

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company Blue Origin is all set to put the first woman on the moon. The preparations for the take-off of the rocket is in full swing. In a video shared on the Instagram, Jeff Bezos gives a glimpse of the testing of the rocket engine.

The short clip shared on his timeline on Friday shows powerful flames out of the engine during the test. The video was from a test at NASA’s Space Flight Center at Hunstville, Alabama.

Bezos describes BE-7 engine as “high-performance”, and adds that the lunar landing engine was a “liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen” built with a 10,000-pound force thrust.

Bezos adds that the engine can deep throttle down to 2,000 pound-force for a “precise landing” on the moon.

The engine will power the Human Landing System (HLS) lander that Blue Origin has been working with NASA’s Artemis programme to put humans on the lunar surface by 2024.

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