IIT ISM Dhanbad gets highest placement offers in 3 years, Yash Kumar Soni offered highest package of Rs 48.30 lakh

Placement boom has broken Corona pandemic lockdown barrier in IIT Indian School of Mines (ISM) Dhanbad as the institution witnessed highest number of selection of students by national and international companies in the last three years.

As per Career Development Centre (CDC) of IIT ISM, online placement at IIT ISM started on Monday night ( 12 am) and till Thursday 11am, 188 students were picked up by 45 national and foreign companies.

One hundred students were already selected under Pre Placement Offer (PPO) by different companies.

IIT ISM is closed since March 22 lockdown due to Corona pandemic. Companies are making online selection from the campus while students are sitting in their houses.

Official of CDC claimed that in three days campus selection, Yash Kumar Soni of IIT ISM has so far got highest annual package of Rs 48.38 lakh in Jharkhand and Bihar. Japanese company Linkedwiz INC has selected computer science engineer Yash Kumar Soni.

Mohit Kishore of IIT Patna got second highest annual package in two-days of placement in Jharkhand and Bihar. Microsoft company has booked him for Rs 43.5 lakh per annum package. Mohit kishore is also computer science engineer.

A senior official of IIT ISM said despite lockdown in 2020, campus selection of 188 candidates is highest ever placement for IIT ISM in the last three years in two days.

In 2019, a total of 116 candidates were selected on first two days in campus selection at IIT ISM, while in 2018 campus placement 73 candidates were picked up by companies in the first two days.

The official said three foreign companies including Linkwiz INC of Japan have so far selected seven students of the institution in two days, which started at 12am of Monday.

CDC official of IIT ISM said though 45 companies are participating in placement drive, all of them have shown major interest in computer science engineers. So far highest 56 students including Yash Kumar Soni have been selected from this stream followed by petroleum engineering and mechanical engineering departments, which is 15 and 12 candidates respectively.

Due to security point of view IIT ISM management did not share personal identification of selected students who appeared in online interview.

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