Happy birthday Dharmendra: When he called Hema Malini ‘divine’

Bollywood actor Dharmendra, who turns 85-year-old this year, under COVID-19 lockdown, had once spoken about the love of his life, his wife Hema Malini. The actor had gone on to call her ‘divine’ and the ‘prettiest woman’. He called the ‘Dream Girl’ very dignified as well.

In an interview with Filmfare, when Dharmendra was asked about the most beautiful thing in his wife, he said there is nothing that he doesn’t like about her. “There’s something divine about her. She’s very dignified. She’s the prettiest woman. There’s nothing I don’t like about her,” shared the ‘Sholay’ actor.

Dharmendra got married to Hema Malini despite being in a first marriage. The actor never got divorce from his first wife. Hema lives with their daughters Ahana and Esha Deol, while he visits them ever-so-often.

On the work front, Dharmendra has worked in cinema for over five decades. He had spoken to IANS about the same back in 2017 and said, “‘Ek lamba safar lamhun mein guzar gaya’…If we see it has been a long journey and it went by in moments. I now think why it went by so soon. I miss my colleagues, the atmosphere. I miss so many things. It was a beautiful journey.”

A superstar, Dharmendra said that he believes in being a ‘super human being’. He also stated that it was a quality he tried to imbibe in his sons Sunny and Bobby Deol. “Fame and glamour don’t remain. Being humble and grounded is what will remain (with you). People will say nice things about you. It is not a thought-out action and comes automatically. It came to me from my parents, from me it has gone to Sunny and Bobby,” he had shared.

Revealing his birthday plans to Hindustan Times, Dharmendra also mentioned, “Earlier, I used to celebrate my birthday but later, I felt it was too artificial, kyun industry mein dikhawa zyaada hota hai. Log janamdin ko promotion ke liye use karte hain. Moreover, this year has been quite sad with the farmers suffering and the ongoing pandemic – it doesn’t make one feel happy. You can’t enjoy. Also, since losing my mum years ago, I don’t really enjoy celebrating birthdays. She would be so excited about it.”

The actor is currently in Mumbai with his family. He is all set to return to his Lonavala farmhouse, which is where he spent most of his lockdown period.

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