Green Peas Health Benefits: Do Not Miss These Impressive Benefits Of Matar This Winter

Green peas are loaded with essential nutrients like protein, fibre and several vitamins


  • Green peas are loaded with plant protein
  • High fibre content of matar can help you boost digestion
  • Green peas are beneficial for your heart health

Green pea or matar is a part of the legume family which is commonly available during the winter season. These tiny seeds can be added to several foods. Not many are aware of the health benefits of green peas. These will not only enhance the taste of your food but will also add a wide range of nutrients to your diet. Green peas are well-packed with nutrients that vegetarians should not miss. Several researches have also elaborated the role of green peas in preventing chronic diseases. Here are some incredible health benefits of green peas which will make you prepare matar paneer, matar pulao and other green pea recipes more often.

Health benefits of green peas (Matar)

1. Helps in weight loss

Green peas may reduce your appetite as these are loaded with protein as well as fibre. Both of these promote fullness and make you consume fewer calories. You can prepare soup with green peas for effective weight loss. Peas are also low in calories.


Green peas or matar are weight loss friendly
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2. Good source of plant protein

Protein is essential for your health in several ways. Around half cup of peas contains 4 grams of protein. Not just protein, matar also contains iron, phosphorus, folate and vitamin A, K and C. Protein helps in weight loss and promotes muscle strength.

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3. Promote healthy blood sugar levels

Peas can also help in regulating healthy blood sugar levels. The low GI score of peas also makes them diabetic-friendly. Studies also suggest that peas prevent blood sugars from rising too quickly and reduce the risk of diabetes as well.

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Peas may promote healthy blood sugar levels, says research
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4. Good for digestion

High amount of fibre in peas promotes healthy digestive health. Fibre improves bowel movements and prevents conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and others.


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5. Boost heart health and immunity

Minerals like magnesium and potassium are beneficial for your heart. These also help in controlling high blood pressure. Vitamin C and antioxidants present in green peas help in building immunity.

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