GHMC Election Result: How LB Nagar Became a BJP-RSS Success Story

Why the Win in LB Nagar Stands Out

The BJP deployed several senior leaders in the campaign – from Home Minister Amit Shah, to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, party president JP Nadda and several Central ministers. But the main gains for the party were in LB Nagar and Secunderabad zones. In Malkajgiri, where Adityanath made his “change Hyderabad’s name to Bhagyanagar” pitch, the performance wasn’t as great.

It is the performance in LB Nagar that stands out.

This is because Secunderabad and Hindu-dominated parts of the Old City have traditionally been a strong area for the BJP. Its poor performance in the 2016 GHMC election and 2018 Assembly elections was not a true reflection of its strength.

Both these elections must be seen as the byproduct of the TRS surge after the formation of the new state.

Therefore, the BJP was already strong in the area and it was just a question of presenting itself as a viable alternative at the municipal level.

This is why the LB Nagar performance needs to be seen as an exception.

What worked for the BJP? There are at least three key factors.

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