From dark chocolate to oranges: Food items you should include in a right skin diet

Foods to eat to achieve healthy looking skin Photo Credits: Pexels&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Never forget the rule that what you consume in a day shows on your skin
  • Eating the right food items can help you achieve a glowing skin way more effectively than any ointments
  • Oranges and cucumber improve your skin hydration

All throughout the lockdown months, we are sure at least once you must have come across the 10-step skincare routine. It would have suggested you do everything from cleaning to toning, at least twice a day to achieve a radiant glow. Well, using beauty products to achieve flawless skin is just one aspect of skincare and that’s something most people forget. If you have acne-prone skin and have shelves filled with creams and ointments but still no glow, then this article is meant just for you. 

To cure common skincare issues, you can apply as many lotions or consume as many pills as possible, but your skin needs more. Your skin expects you to follow the right diet alongside the medically recommended products. It’s high time you understand that what you eat reflects on your skin and going one day without the right food can bring trouble the next morning. 

In some cases, having the right diet can even reduce the chance of having skin issues like pimples, dryness, etc in the first place. As much as it is important to cleanse, tone, and moisturise, it is equally necessary for you to consume the right food items that give you flawless skin. 

Food items you should be eating to achieve healthy skin: 


Cucumbers are one food item that you must add to your meals. They are hydrating in nature and also fibrous thus those with chronic acne and pimple problems can really rely on this green veggie. Plus, while you are consuming them, you can apply two slices to your eyes and give yourself a soothing me-time experience. 


Worried that your wrinkle lines are visible? Have an orange every day and keep wrinkles away! This juicy fruit contains high-level Vitamin C that can replace all your expensive skincare products. 


Let’s take the popeye route and relish spinach just like he did! Spinach contains Vitamin A that can help you fight skin damage. Plus, it is also healthy for your body. 


There are many who love hogging on Broccoli for how tasty it is without even realising the good it does to their skin. Learn from them and add broccoli to your everyday salad. Just a few pieces can work wonders and help prevent pigmentation problems.


The fruit is best known for boosting hemoglobin levels and you can consume it as a whole fruit or juice. Either way, it will leave you with clear and flawless skin. 


We all love at least one kind of berry and can consume it either straight away or in a smoothie. But did you know that berries have the tendency to fight skin aging and also help retain skin texture? 

Dark Chocolate

If you ever crave something sweet, might as well consume something that leaves a good impact on your skin. Instead of taking dairy and sugar-heavy sweets, bite into dark chocolate for it improves skin hydration and does not lead to pimple breakout. 

Say bye-bye to all the toners and moisturisers you have been hoarding to achieve healthy-looking skin. All you need to do right now is follow a good eating pattern and you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune on skincare products, unlike others. 

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