DNA Health Guide: Follow these steps to stop your food cravings

People have been going through a tough time sitting in their homes due to COVID-19 scare. The less travelling and scarce availability of food has increased cravings among many individuals.

The many cravings – sweet cravings, street food (pani puri, bhel puri, momos etc) cravings and fast food (burger, pizza) cravings – could be put to a stop with simple steps, which could also be a healthier option. One could also replace the two-minute noodles with something as simple as salads, which takes as much time as cutting vegetables and adding toppings.

Are you are feeling stuck in a situation where the cravings take the better of you? Do not worry, for today in DNA health guide, we present you with solutions on how to fight the cravings, in a way that is possible.

Here are some of the tips to keep in mind:

Write down the cravings

The first step to dealing with food cravings is to take a note about all the foods which raise the cravings in you.

Enjoy them to the fullest for one last time (optional)

In practicality, it is not possible to completely give up on your craving food. Hence, you could give yourself one last opportunity to enjoy the foods you crave but ensure you put a full stop to it soon after, or at least reduce its intake.

Find an alternative

There is a healthier option for every food people crave. Every sweet tooth craving can be dealt with, by using natural sugar substitutes like fruits. Street food cravings could be replaced by dal or spicy vegetables made at home. When in mood for an oily food, switch to steamed foods for a healthier option.

Work your way into finding a new favourite food craving

Nuts like almonds or walnuts, superfoods like chia seeds and brocolli, kale, yoghurt, drinks like milk or humble water could become your new best friend in helping you fight the food craving.

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