DNA Health Guide: Eating habits to follow while working from home

In times of coronavirus and working from home, health has taken a backseat for many people. The very obvious reason for such a thing to happen is that there has been absolutely no kind of planning about what kind of food should a person eat and at what time.

For most people, the problem begins with the basic – not eating at all. It is quite easy that eating food skips your mind because there is too much pending work which needs to be completed. However, this could be dealt with a little trick.

Another problem that COVID-19 has brough with itself is the indulgence in coffee. People have lost their sleep and have been surviving on coffee, something which again impacts their health.

It is thus important to follow a few eating habits while working from home. Even if you could adapt three of these eating habits, you’re off to a good start.

Here are some of the eating habits you could keep in mind:

Avoid working in the kitchen

Seeing food causes hunger pangs. Being around the kithcen area, thus, is a sure way of gaining the extra weight and feeling dizzy all day long. Timely visits to the kitchen is thus essential rather than working from there.

Plan your meals and remind yourself to eat at the given time

There is a certain time for breakfast, lunch (or brunch), snacks and dinner. While certain people might skip snacks, it is important to give your body the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner – the three important meals at any given day. Plan what you would like to have for the meal so the time does not go in deciding what you want to eat.

Prepare in advance

While it is great to have fresh food, it is not always possible to eat fresh. Thus, preparing a food in advance and using a microwave or stove just to heat the food could be a real time-saver when working from home.

Find the perfect portion for you

While a few people have a large appetite, the other could be done by simply nibbling on food. Find the right portion of food your body needs and stick to it. Listening to your stomach’s needs help at this point, so you don’t feel unwell, especially at work.

When eating, focus on the food

It is quite important to keep your focus on food rather than Netflix. Even work could wait for half an hour but it is important to feel the food in your body to boost the energy for the rest of the day.

Make the switch

It is tempting to order a burger or drink a can of aerated drinks when you have no other option. However, in the lesser price than you pay for the burger, you could get yourself a fruit or vegetable/non-veg salad. Replacing fruit juices with a bottle of water would go a long way, not only for your pockets but also your body.

Avoid coffee

This comes as a real bummer considering how coffee has kept us all awake through work during the lockdown. However, the caffeine addiction does not help you while losing weight. If you really need to, try two cups of black coffee in a day but occassionally.

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