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Cyberpunk 2077’s complete story is estimated to be  40-50 hours long. So, what should you come to expect from the game?

The side missions are definitely worth a look!

It seems that CD Projekt Red wanted to make the game into a complete experience. The side missions are numerous and add about 20 hours to the game. Coupled with the game’s superior graphics and you probably wouldn’t even feel like you are playing a side mission.

Another exciting factor of the game will be the decision making parts of it. The fact that each and every one of your decision will shape the outcome of your experience through the game is awesome. Taking the “road not taken” will be an option provided to you throughout the whole game. Upon passing the intro of the game, you will be free to roam and explore the sights that Night City has to offer.

Not to mention that you have Keanu Reeves by your side throughout the game. It almost seems like a win-win at this point! Keanu appears as a dead rockstar and anti-corporate terrorist Johnny Silverhand in your brain. The mix of awesome gunfights, solid scripting and extremely customizable character models will be extremely enjoyable.

However, according to IGN, the game does still have a lot of bugs present throughout it. These bugs are a little distracting but the overall experience remains intact. Hopefully the humongous (43.5 GB) updates that CD Projekt Red is sending our way will solve most issues before you get to play the game. Stay tuned to get to know the Day 1 Patch notes that will be released by CD Projekt Red!

While not the longest game, Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely being praised for its awesome storyline and numerous possibilities. Only time will tell though if it lives up to the hype.

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