Coronavirus India LIVE updates: Experts believe Covid vaccine will be ready in next few weeks, says PM Modi

Active cases have further dropped to 4.16 lakh and 90,16,289 people have recovered so far with almost 43,000 recoveries reported in the last 24 hours.

Coronavirus India LIVE updates:

The centre is presently conducting an extensive backend preparation for the Covid-19 immunisation drive. The government expects to receive and utilise 400-500 million doses and cover approximately 20-25 crore people by July 21.

This comes a few days after PM Modi chaired a high level meeting with Chief Ministers of the states in which he emphasised on the crucial role of the states on vaccine administration and distribution. In November 24 meeting, he had directed the states to provide their plans to build a final blue print on the immunisation drive. He had also asked them to build decentralised mechanisms till block level in the form of task force to ensure the vaccine roll out smoothly.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said despite the Covid-19 pandemic, West Bengal is moving ahead and is performing better than several other states. Speaking at the virtual Infocom-2020, a business-technology event organised by a private group, she stressed on inclusive growth. “We will have to wait for the vaccine (for Covid-19). There must be some long-term plan on how to survive. Need to focus on the right priorities and in inclusive growth rather than polarisation,” she said. Bengal respects each and every one, the chief minister said and quoted Rabindranath Tagore’s famous poem “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high ….”.

Through the Covid-19 pandemic, cases have been reported of myocardial injury — the death of myocardial cells in the heart. While most of these patients with myocardial injury had pre-existing cardiovascular disease, a case has now been reported of a two-month-old infant who had reversible myocardial injury and heart failure, similar to Covid-19-related heart issues seen in adults. The child, a Covid-19 patient, recovered with normal heart functions, scientists have reported in the journal JACC: Case Reports. In the infant, an ECG showed myocardial injury due to Covid-19 infection, and heart failure symptoms exacerbated by the infection.

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