Chicken Gravy | Non Veg Recipe | Village Addicters | Tamil

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Chicken Gravy | Non Veg Recipe | Village Addicters | VA Tamil

Chicken gravy recipe for rice, a masala gravy with onions, tomatoes and ginger paste cooked with chicken.
This is a heavy gravy chicken which has many ingredients that go into making.
This gravy is very spicy and has a very balanced flavor and the texture is just perfectly suitable to be eaten with Indian foods like Dosa, Roti, Chapathi and Parotta.
I have used curd which makes the gravy soft and super delicious.
Check the step by step details for the recipe procedure and also do check out the video process to make the yummy gravy.

1) oil
2) cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon sticks
3) Onion
4) Tomatoes
5) Green chilli
6) Curd
7) Ginger garlic paste
8) chicken
9) chicken masala
10) Salt- to taste

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