Chanchra pui saag diye| Bengali mix veg recipe|Non-veg recipe with malabar spinach

“Chanchra” is a typical Bengali recipe, where the main ingredients are the “Pui saag” i. e, the Malabar spinach and the “machher matha” i.e, pieces of head of fish and other fish residue like fat. Besides it includes vegetables like brinjal, pumpkin and potato. It is often served in the lunch of biyebari ( marriage ceremony). So it is also often called as “Biyebarir chanchra”.The large sized Rohu/katla fish is used here, as the large one has much fat in it. Here we have shown with middle sized Rohu fish usually available in hand and it is not less tasty than the large one. Rather fresh Rohu tastes better. We are using the Fresh pui saag straight from our garden and it is very flavorful. Try this at home and enjoy your lunch time withis recipe from Bengali cuisine.
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