‘Bigg Boss 14’: Abhinav Shukla becomes second finalist after Eijaz Khan

The finale week is seeing the housemates at their aggressive best inside the house. 

Abhinav Shukla was seen at his competitive best in Thursday’s episode which also won him a place in the ‘Bigg Boss 14‘ finals.

After an ugly fight first with Jasmin Bhasin during the super-entertaining boat task, Abhinav beats Nikki in the game to secure his seat in the finale. 

After Eijaz Khan, Abhinav becomes the second finalist of the current season of Bigg Boss hosted by Salman Khan.

In the said task, the housemates, except for Eijaz, were given an opportunity wherein they had to ensure that they get seats on a boat until the task is over. The last person sitting on the chair inside the boat would win. 

Given the fact that there are fewer seats on the boat than housemates, and the number of chair gets decreasing with every round, it is a really bumpy ride. Abhinav, Jasmin and Nikki have an epic clash as all the housemates hang on to the seats to fight to reach to the top 4.

Consequently, after a  few rounds, the last person who manages to secure a seat is Abhinav, thus, winning the task.

Meanwhile, fresh from her outburst with Kavita, Rubina is seen dominating others inside the house. She starts the day by saying that everyone should do their own individual duties rather than sticking to what has been assigned to all. Rahul and Jasmin take a stand and say Rubina is trying to spoil the balance in the house. Even Abhinav agrees that Rubina’s decision is not sound and so everyone decides that barring Rubina, all will do the duties they had been previously doing.

Jasmin is also seen taking a dig at her old foe Eijaz, and says how he has used his personal life problems to seek attention on the show. Eijaz is very hurt by this and he enters into a verbal spat with Jasmin. Between their fight, Rahul is seen supporting Jasmin, however, Eijaz refuses to stand down. While Eijaz accuses Jasmin of having a ‘bhaade ki soch’, Jasmin says Eijaz has a ‘bhaade ka character.’

 Meanwhile, ‘Bigg Boss 14’ will have challengers to guide and make lives of contestants difficult during the finale week. 

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