Apple iPhone 11, iPhone SE (2020) get extra marks after their cameras get re-tested

DxO Mark, one of the platforms that runs tests on smartphone cameras and ranks them accordingly, recently updated its benchmarking and the test process. While some of the handset scores have been updated as per the new standard, many are still in the pipeline. The two recent Apple iPhones that went through a re-test with the new standard were iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020). And both have been given extra marks.

As per the test by DxO Mark, iPhone 11, which was at a rather low 109 score, got a raise by 10 points and now sits at 119. This certainly is more than some other Android flagships in the market like Samsung Galaxy S20+, OnePlus 8 Pro and more. However, their scores are still based on the previous testing process and not the new one. 

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The increase in points definitely means that iPhone 11 cameras are still capable as per the testing website and if you own one, there’s no need to jump to the iPhone 12 bandwagon just yet.

The iPhone SE (2020) went through the same testing process and got a bump in scores but not as high as what was there in iPhone 11’s case. Back in June, the new iPhone SE got 101 overall score. However, after the new testing standard, the score has reached 103.

Talking about the iPhone cameras, if you have not yet decided whether to get the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro based on their camera performance? You might want to wait and get the iPhone 13. That’s because some predictions by reputed analysts and tipsters are out for iPhone 13 Pro’s camera. As per them, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max may get larger sensors, Sensor Shift tech and increased aperture for better clarity, detailed shots.

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