‘90% Disha Parmar has accepted Rahul Vaidya’s proposal’: Singer’s mother Geeta Vaidya

Former Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya’s mother Geeta Vaidya says once he comes out of the show, she will talk to him and start making plans for his marriage with actor Disha Parmar.

Rahul had proposed marriage to Disha on her birthday on November 11. He wrote “HBD Disha” on his white T-shirt with red lipstick on one side, and “Marry me?” on the other to pop the question. Since then, he has been eagerly waiting for her response. Disha recently revealed on Twitter that she has sent her reply to Rahul.

Rahul’s mother has now confirmed their plans. “Yes, we are planning for his wedding because I feel 90 per cent Disha has accepted his proposal. A few days back, she tweeted about it. I think things are going good between them. So, being a mother, I am really happy for them,” said Geeta Vaidya.

She added that she has not discussed with Disha’s family about the marriage yet. “We didn’t have a word with Disha’s family. I will first talk to Rahul in detail and then we will proceed.”

Rahul’s mother sure seems impressed with Disha. “I think she is a good girl. She has visited our home three to four times in the past year. I didn’t know about their relationship because I thought she was one of his female friends. In between, if Disha approaches me then, I will take the first step to talk with her family,” she said.

During the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul exited from the show voluntarily and shocked everyone by his decision.

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