🍗 Tandoori Chicken Tangdi 🍗 (Restaurant Style) || Non Veg Starter Recipe by Mommade

Tandoor chicken hails its presence from Punjab. In this dish, the chicken pieces are marinated mainly in yogurt and tandoor spices and then roasted in a clay-based oven.

This mouth-watering delicious chicken is also known as “Murgh Tandoor”. “Murgh” meaning chicken and “Tandoor” meaning clay oven. It is all about marinating and grilling the chicken in tandoor or oven.

This forms a perfect starter recipe for meat-eaters and is popular worldwide. This dish can be easily prepared at home with few Indian masalas and then cooking the chicken in the oven.

A substitute for oven or tandoor could be using the daily stove (in case one does not have an oven). But preferably, tandoor dishes must be cooked in the oven or tandoor.

Mom-made presents the perfect Non-veg starter recipe “Tandoori Chicken Tangdi”. Enjoy the recipe & do tag us on Instagram with your ‘Tandoori Chicken’ pics @itsmommadefood


Ingredients used:

2 pieces – chicken whole leg
¼ tsp – turmeric (Haldi)
Salt as per taste
12 to 15 – garlic pods
1 inch – ginger
1 tbsp – chilly powder
½ tsp – pepper powder
1 tsp – dhaniya jeera powder
2 tbsp – tandoori masala
2 tbsp – yogurt/curd (dahi)
½ lemon juice



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